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Burnaby Mountain Gondola

Phase 1 of public engagement for the Burnaby Mountain Gondola project concluded on September 30, 2020. Thank you to those of you who provided feedback and/or attended one of our engagement sessions.

About the Project

TransLink is advancing the planning and project development of a Burnaby Mountain Gondola. A 3S gondola would provide a fast, frequent, and reliable service between the SkyTrain and Burnaby Mountain for the 25,000 daily trips made by SFU students, staff, faculty, and residents of UniverCity. Gondolas are safe, smart and cost-effective and they provide commuters with an environmentally friendly mode of transit that runs on electricity helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Following public engagement in fall 2020, our goal is to present a single route and design to the Mayors’ Council so they can provide us with direction on next steps.


Route Options

In 2020, we have conducted a preliminary design of three routes:

  1. Production Way–University Station to SFU Bus Exchange

  2. Production Way–University Station to SFU Bus Exchange (with an angle station located east of the bend in Gaglardi Way)

  3. Lake City Way Station (with an angle station located on the eastern side of Centennial Way and Burnaby Mtn. Parkway) to south of South Campus Way

Proposed Routes for the Burnaby Mountain Gondola

Proposed Burnaby Mountain Gondola Routes

Design work has been guided by the City of Burnaby’s Core Principles, outcomes of an environmental scan, and local constraints (e.g., the presence of power lines). The purpose of this design work is to better understand how the potential gondola routes could operate: travel times, local conditions, and considerations and opportunities. Finally, the routes have been developed to the same extent to enable comparisons. The next stage in the planning process is to evaluate the routes.


In 2020, we have been doing additional technical work to help inform our engagement with stakeholders, the public, and Indigenous groups.

The results of this work will help us to evaluate the three proposed gondola routes, and update key information, such as ridership, cost, and benefits.

Pre-engagement (Jan. to Aug. 2020)

  • Listen to interests and concerns of stakeholders; do technical analysis to understand, avoid and mitigate possible impacts of route options.

  • Burnaby Mountain Gondola Engagement has finished this stage

Phase 1 Public Engagement (Sept. 1 to 30)

  • Request input on criteria to assess route options; share information about the route options and urban gondolas, generally.

  • Burnaby Mountain Gondola Engagement has finished this stage

Phase 2 Public Engagement (late fall 2020)

  • Share route assessment results; provide updates on route options following more technical work.

  • Burnaby Mountain Gondola Engagement is currently at this stage

Final Report (winter 2020)

  • Share the final report with Burnaby Council and the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation, including a route recommendation.

  • This is an upcoming stage for Burnaby Mountain Gondola Engagement

Investment Plan and Project Approval (early 2021)

  • For the project to proceed it must be included in an Investment Plan approved by the TransLink Board and Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation.

  • This is an upcoming stage for Burnaby Mountain Gondola Engagement

In 2014, the Mayors’ Council developed a 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation which noted that a high-capacity connection from Burnaby Mountain to a nearby SkyTrain station may be required, and that further investigation and consultation was needed.

In November 2016, the Phase One Investment Plan committed to updating a previous 2011 assessment of a gondola linking Production WayUniversity Station to SFU Square on Burnaby Mountain. This assessment determined that a gondola was a feasible solution for improving travel time, addressing reliability issues, meeting future travel demand, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2017, the merits of building a gondola were re-examined and we confirmed that there is still a compelling case for a gondola transit solution. For more details, view the updated Burnaby Mountain Gondola Transit feasibility study.

In May 2019, Burnaby City Council endorsed a recommendation that supports a gondola link from SkyTrain to the top of Burnaby Mountain, subject to several conditions. One such condition was to include the assessment of a third route option starting from Lake City Way Station, which has been done as part of the technical work throughout 2020.

Details regarding historical project information can be found in the Document Library.

Public engagement is a key component of rapid transit planning. We held our first round of public engagement from Sept. 1-30, 2020, and will share the results in the coming months.

Although this round of engagement has concluded, you can still visit our Engagement Centre to learn more about the project. You can also email us at or call 778.375.7220 with any questions.

Artistic rendering of the proposed Burnaby Mountain Gondola departing from Production Way-University SkyTrain station

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