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Bus Stop Balancing

We’re consolidating and removing bus stops that are too close together to improve travel times and reliability for bus customers.

Fewer bus stops along a route means:

Faster and More Reliable Commutes

  • Improved overall trip times with more reliable buses and fewer delays

  • Maintain convenient access with five minutes or less of walking or rolling between most bus stops

Safer and Smoother Rides

  • More space on buses for physical distancing due to evenly distributed passenger loads

  • More comfortable rides with less stopping, starting, and lane changing

Benefits to Non-Riders

  • More curb space for parking, patios, or other uses

  • More sidewalk space to enhance physical distancing and accessibility

  • Improved traffic flow

2 Macdonald/Downtown Pilot Project

Bus stop balancing begins with a six-week pilot project on the Route #2 Macdonald/Downtown from September 21 to October 31, 2020.

The #2 has some of the closest bus stop spacing in the region. Half of the stops are less than 205 metres apart (about two blocks), which is shorter than the distance between the SeaBus and Expo Line platform at Waterfront Station.

To minimize impacts on customers, we’re proposing changes to approximately one in four bus stops along the #2 route.

  • For customers, this means savings of over four minutes per round trip.

  • For our region, this means annual savings of over $140,000 and 1,300 weekday service hours, which can be reinvested and reallocated to the bus routes that need it most.

  • SB BURRARD ST AT W GEORGIA ST – Stop # 50044

    • This bus stop will no longer serve Routes 2, 5, 32, and N22. However, it will continue to serve Route 44, which is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. This means the stop will not be in use until route 44 is re-instated.

  • NB MACKENZIE ST AT W 36 AVE – Stop # 51260

  • NB MACKENZIE ST AT W 32 AVE – Stop # 51262

  • NB MACKENZIE ST AT W 28 AVE – Stop # 51264

  • NB MACDONALD ST AT W 24 AVE – Stop # 51268

  • NB MACDONALD ST AT W 20 AVE – Stop # 51270

  • NB MACDONALD ST AT W 18 AVE – Stop # 51271

  • NB MACDONALD ST AT W 13 AVE – Stop # 60359

  • NB MACDONALD ST AT W 10 AVE – Stop # 50059

  • NB MACDONALD ST AT W 5 AVE – Stop # 50062

  • EB CORNWALL AVE AT LARCH ST – Stop # 50066

  • EB CORNWALL AVE AT VINE ST – Stop # 50068

  • EB CORNWALL AVE AT MAPLE ST – Stop # 50071

  • WB CORNWALL AVE AT MAPLE ST – Stop # 50102

  • SB MACDONALD ST AT W 3 AVE – Stop # 50108

  • SB MACDONALD ST AT W 13 AVE – Stop # 50112

  • SB MACDONALD ST AT W 19 AVE – Stop # 50118

  • SB MACDONALD ST AT W 23 AVE – Stop # 50120

  • SB QUESNEL DR AT W 27 AVE – Stop # 50125

  • SB MACKENZIE ST AT W 31 AVE – Stop # 50127

  • SB MACKENZIE ST AT W 35 AVE – Stop # 50129

  • SB MACKENZIE ST AT W 39 AVE – Stop # 50131

  • WB W 41 AVE AT BALACLAVA ST – Stop # 50295

Map displaying the consolidated and removed stops on the 2 Macdonald Downtown

Route map of the #2 showing consolidated and removed stops

How Were These Bus Stops Selected?

We’ve carefully considered the physical constraints, accessibility, convenience, and transit performance, among other criteria, at each bus stop to minimize impacts on customers, residents, and businesses. As a result, 86% of #2 customers will not need to adjust their journey. Only 14% may experience a longer walk or roll of up to three minutes, which will be offset by a shorter trip on the bus.

Why Now?

Our region has a unique opportunity to rethink how our roadways and cities can work better for everyone. Changing the region’s roads to improve the reliability of buses makes transit a more attractive transportation option, both during and after the pandemic. The results of this pilot project will help inform future bus stop balancing initiatives on other corridors across Metro Vancouver.

We Value Your Feedback

Let us know what you think about these changes. Please email by October 31, 2020.

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