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SkyTrain is the oldest and longest, fully-automated, driverless, rapid-transit system in the world.


Our network of buses, trolleys and Community Shuttles link to various hubs, exchanges, SkyTrain stations and tourist destinations throughout Metro Vancouver.


SeaBus is a passenger-only ferry that crosses the Burrard Inlet, connecting Downtown Vancouver with the North Shore.


Late-night bus service, running every 20 or 30 minutes, 7 days a week.

West Coast Express

West Coast Express is a Monday to Friday commuter rail service operating during peak morning and evening periods between downtown Vancouver and Mission.

Service Changes

TransLink makes bus service changes every April, June, September, and December to reflect seasonal changes in demand and deliver more permanent service where customers need it most.

Transit System Maps

System maps (PDFs) have been provided to help you identify service availability.

Bus Exchange Maps

Check a bus loop or exchange map before your trip to find your bus stop.

Chat with us

TransLink isn't supported in the browser version you're using. Please update your browser to the latest version, or use one of the following:

In the meantime you can visit the old TransLink website, use Live Chat or call Customer Information at 604.953.3333.