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Service Reductions Suspended

Most transit service reductions have been suspended and we're returning to pre-COVID levels of service.

Please visit the Transit Service Changes page for the latest updates. 


Map of NightBus routes in Metro Vancouver

NightBus is TransLink’s late-night bus service, running every 20 or 30 minutes, 7 days a week. All NightBus routes connect Downtown Vancouver with cities across the region.

Know Before you Go!

Use Trip Planner to find your best late-night route. You can also look up your bus schedule ahead of time

NightBus District

We've made it even easier to find a NightBus. Starting around 2 a.m., all NightBus routes will leave from the new NightBus District, a central hub located on W Georgia St. and Granville St., where you can wait comfortably in a central and well-lit environment.

View our NightBus Route Map for a network overview of our late-night service.

NightBus Routes

Click on any one of the 10 NightBus routes below to access the route schedule, diagram and timetable.

Request A Stop

If you feel safer getting off the bus at a point between two regular bus stops, you can Request A Stop on most bus routes between the hours of 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Simply ask the bus operator for a "request stop" at least one stop before the point where you wish to get off. The bus operator will let you off if they believe it's safe to do so.

Chat with us

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In the meantime you can visit the old TransLink website, use Live Chat or call Customer Information at 604.953.3333.