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Compass Card

Compass is the reloadable fare card that works everywhere on transit in Metro Vancouver. It’s convenient, easy-to-use, and secure. Simply load Stored Value or a pass onto your Compass Card or Wearable and tap your way across the system.


Compass Cards and Wearables can be loaded with the fare product of your choice including Monthly Passes, DayPasses, Stored Value, can be used for Bike Parkade enrollment. View our Fare Pricing & Zones page for detailed information on fares.

There are two types of Compass Card fares: Adults and Concession. 

a blue adult compass cardAdult Compass Card

The most commonly used card — it can be loaded with Monthly Passes, DayPasses, and Stored Value for pay-as-you-go trips. 

an orange concession compass cardConcession Compass Card

Eligible for HandyCard holders, seniors 65 years and older, youth 14 to 18 years with valid photo identification, and children 5 to 13 years.

orange and blue compass wristbands next to each otherCompass Wearables

All fare products can be loaded on a Compass Wristband or Mini. Both are available for purchase while supplies last at the Customer Service Centre at Stadium–Chinatown Station or West Coast Express Office at Waterfront Station. Call our Customer Information team at 604.953.3333 to find out if we have wearables in stock.

Compass Wristbands and Compass Minis work just like an adult or concession card: tap in and out when travelling on transit. 

Compass Cards can be purchased online at, by phone, at retailer locations, or from a Compass Vending Machine. You will be charged a $6 refundable deposit fee for each Compass Card. Visit our Where to Buy page for details and to find a location nearest you.

two compass cards, two compass wristbands, and two compass keychains laid out next to withered leaves

Compass Cards and Wearables can be loaded with Monthly Passes, DayPasses, and Stored Value in the following ways:

  • Online at

  • At the Compass Customer Service Centre at Stadium–Chinatown Station or the West Coast Express Office at Waterfront Station.

  • By calling Compass customer Service at 604.398.2042.

  • At all Compass Vending Machines (CVM). Visit our Where to Buy page to see a map of CVM locations.

Loading Multiple Products on your Compass Card or Wearable

When you have multiple products on your card or wearable, passes are used first (Monthly, followed by a DayPass or a West Coast Express Return Pass), and then Stored Value if needed.

It's best to load a DayPass only if you intend to use it the next time you travel. If you want to travel on your Stored Value and a DayPass is present, the system will activate your DayPass first.

Tapping in validates your fare. On buses, tap in when you board at the start of your journey or when transferring. When you tap in on the bus, the system charges a 1-Zone fare.

On the SkyTrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express, tap in when you enter the station and tap out when you exit or at key transfer points.

Tapping reserves the fare for a 3-Zone trip or a full distance trip in the case of West Coast Express.

When you tap out, the system calculates the fare zones you've travelled and charges you the correct fare. This applies to all products, including Monthly Passes.

Where to Tap

On buses, tap in at the card readers located near the bus doors when boarding. You don't need to tap out when exiting

At SkyTrain and SeaBus fare gates, tap in and out when entering and exiting, even if the gates are open.

On the West Coast Express, tap in at the fare gates. The only exception is in the morning at Waterfront Station, when you don't need to tap at the concourse validators

What's the minimum amount of Stored Value needed to start a trip?

When you use Stored Value on buses, Skytrain, and the Seabus, Compass allows you to complete a single journey with as little as $0.01 on your card by giving you a negative card balance.

For West Coast Express customers, the minimum Stored Value amount is $4.50 due to fare structures and related considerations.

Why go negative? In situations where your balance is low, you’ll have the security of being able to make a single trip. Just remember to top up your card with Stored Value before you start your next trip.

Can more than one person travel on one card?

Each traveler must have his or her own Compass Card, Compass Wearable, or ticket as the system won't allow passbacks (meaning you can't tap in and then pass your card to the person behind you).

You can use Compass Card Stored Value to purchase another card or a Compass Ticket for your travel companion at any Compass Vending Machine.

Compass Wearables FAQ

Just like a Compass Card. Tap in and out when travelling on transit and reload online, at a Compass Vending Machine, by phone or in person. Just like a Compass Card, you’ll pay a $6 refundable fee when you pick up your wristband and/or mini. Remember to tap the part of the wristband that displays the contactless symbol. For minis hold it flat against the card reader. Hold both products against the reader until you hear a beep and see a check mark to proceed.

We have to encode them with a special machine before they're used for the first time and this can only be done at our two customer-service centres in Vancouver.

Minis and wristbands work just like Adult and Concession Compass Cards, which means you can load a U-Pass BC onto a blue adult wristband or Compass Mini. At this time, only U-Pass BC program cards can be loaded onto a Compass Wristband and Mini.

The wristbands are adjustable and can accommodate small and large wrists.

Yes, but this can only be done at one of our customer service centres, because we need to encode the wearable before use.

We don’t have anything planned at this time. However, we’re always monitoring the availability of new products.

Like a Compass Card, you can register your wearable online which gives you balance protection and the option to sign up for other features like AutoLoad or our Bike Parkade program.

Just like Compass Card, you can register and sign up for AutoLoad online. This will provide you with balance protection, in case you lose your wristband or mini.

Balance protection is a way to safeguard the value on your Compass Card or Wearable in the event it's lost or stolen. When you report your Compass product to Customer Service, it will be frozen and the balance transferred to a new Compass Card or refunded by cheque. All registered Compass products receive the benefit of Balance protection.

To replace lost or stolen Compass Cards, please visit the Compass Customer Service Centre at Stadium–Chinatown SkyTrain Station, the West Coast Express Office at Waterfront Station, or call 604.398.2042.

Safeguard your balance by registering your Compass product for balance protection at

Requesting a Refund

You can request a refund by phone, in person, by mail, or online. Visit our Refund Policy page for more information.

Chat with us

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